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February Focus - Black Spruce

I am a little behind on getting this to you, but the Homestead is moving! Instead of studying and blending in my office I am packing it and the whole house. This place kind of fell in our lap and we’re taking a chance on new adventures. If all goes according to plan we will be at the new ‘Homestead’ by April.

Today I was finally able to sit with my new-to-me Black Spruce picea mariana. I have a soft spot for my piney, prickly needled tree friends during the winter months. They give us some green here in the Midwest, along with wonderful essential oils that support us during cold and flu season.

Black Spruce is a scrappy, small pine that grows abundantly in the permafrost of Canada, Alaska, (a little in other northern US states), Greenland, and Russia. The small cones are dark purplish/brown, which give it a distinct character. The needles and twigs are steam distilled to make a very aromatic essential oil.

Black Spruce (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Black Spruce

Picea mariana

Native to: Canada, Russia, Greenland, Northern US states

Plant Part: Essential oil steam distilled from leaves and twigs

Chemistry: Bornyl acetate (should be 20-40%), B pinene, x pinene, camphene,

Therapeutic Properties

· Antibacterial

· Antispasmodic

· Assists with decongestion due to cold/flu/allergies

· May be used in blends for sore muscles

· Light analgesic

· Calming, but grounding


· Wonderful addition to diffuser blends, but may be irritating to some


Piney, woodsy, sweet

Safety Data

Non toxic. May cause skin irritation.

Shelf Life

3-4 years if kept cool

This essential oil is really a major support for me this month as we are transitioning with the home selling and buying process. I made a roll on to help me with deep breaths and boost my confidence in this decision, plus speak up for what I need.

Here is the recipe

Poise Roll on

Roll on (mine is 10ml)

4 drops Black Spruce

2 drops Laurel Leaf

2 drops Peppermint

1 drop Frankincense (optional)

Blend essential oils into bottle, then top with fractionated coconut oil, jojoba, or other carrier of choice. Roll on as needed. Not recommended for those younger than 5 years.

I hope you enjoy Black Spruce as much as I do!


Homestead Aromatics

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