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With CBD popping up everywhere here in Ohio (and many other states), I thought it might be a good idea to share what I know. I used to avoid anything Cannabis, except my trusty hemp seed oil, which I've used for years in salves. (and it's THC free)

But, curiosity took over and I've read books, research (we need so much more!), articles, blogs, listened to podcasts, and asked lots of questions about cannabis and hemp.

I will be sharing what I learned in the coming months. What I will be focused on is hemp seed oil, hemp essential oil, and CBD. Because I need to keep my day job all of the products have little to no THC in them. I hope this information helps you along your wellness journey.

Let's get started!

Cannabis is the Latin botanical name with subspecies of sativa and indica. You will probably see which species on the products you buy.

The two separations of Cannabis into Hemp vs Marijuana is really about cultivation. Each has been bred/cultivated for their specific chemical expressions.

In the coming months I'll share links, websites, books, product, and podcasts you may find useful.

Best health,


Homestead Aromatics

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