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Hemp Essential Oil

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I always recommend sitting with a new essential oil a spell or use it singularly to see how it works in your body and influences your emotions and mood. I adore all of my essential oils, even if we weren't friends right away (looking at you, sweet marjoram). But, every once in a while an essential oil offers such a profound emotional shift that it is memorable. Let me share the particulars of hemp essential oils, then dive into that shift.

Hemp essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and tops of Cannabis sativa. (Please see my earlier blog post to read about the difference between hemp and marijuana.) The essential oil aroma is very green, herbaceous, a little bitter, but can have a citrus finish. It will happily take over the aroma of a blend or it can play well with others by fading into the background. It is a middle note and will have a lasting aroma in a blend, sometimes you can smell it in a blend long after the other aromatics have evaporated or been absorbed. Use a small amount of drops in a blend to start.

Something to note about the essential oil and hemp seed oil (the carrier oil) is that the shelf life is not that long. Buy small and use these precious oils within 6 months to a year (at most). Placing them in the refrigerator is best. I encourage purchasing products that are made here in the USA, but I will admit the essential oil can be hard to find. The one I have was purchased from Eden Botanicals and comes from Italy.

Another thing that is important to know for chemical make up is hemp essential oil does not contain TCH or CBD. The molecular weight is too heavy for both chemical components, they aren't as volatile, so they do not end up in the essential oil. The topic of terpenes (chemical components and the chemical families) seem to be at the forefront of conversation when people talk about hemp, but this is a bigger subject better left for another blog (and is nothing new for Aromatherapists, by the way!)

This is my first experience with the essential oil, and I like I said earlier the effect was profound for me. The following is what happened:

I was frustrated, angry, hurt, and everything seemed a bit 'off' after a disagreement with my man. Anyone else in a relationship with another human and you just pressed each other's buttons? Yep, you know what I mean. These emotions lasted a week. Not our usual because we tend to get along pretty well. (19 years of marriage and counting!)

I seriously couldn't let those feelings go. I was so annoyed by this that one afternoon I put a little jojoba in my palm and added a couple drops of hemp essential oil. I massaged it over my heart. I know this essential oil can calm and soothe in more ways than one, but would it work for me?

It wasn't immediate. It took a couple hours, and to be honest I forgot all about it and was moving on with my day. Then I had a moment where I realized I could breathe easy again, the tight knot of emotion had eased. I really didn't even register that tightness until it was gone. My man came home from work and we had a good conversation without pent up emotions making a scene....a conversation between a couple that was hearing each other and talking with kindness. I'm not so sure that conversation would have gone as smooth without using that blend. I know I've found another aromatic ally to help me along my path.

I really do believe that plants and their essences are our allies. I know I can turn to hemp essential oil for calming, to assist with grief, to let go, and to help me feel centered. Physically it is known for reducing skin irritation and inflammation. It, along with hemp seed oil, can assist with eczema and psoriasis, and with helping heal acne.

For me personally I know I will turn to hemp essential oil to continue balancing my emotional states. Here are some suggestions on what it can blend well with and for what issue that may arise. I hope you give it a try!

EOs to explore together:

Write down your thoughts along with physical or emotional reactions.


Hemp, lavender, Thyme ct linalool, or bergamot

Calming muscle tension

Hemp, sweet marjoram


Hemp, ylang ylang (use both of these lightly or you may get a headache)

Skin healing

Hemp, frankincense, carrot seed



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