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Hemp Seed Oil

There may be the misconception that us Aromatherapists work only with essential oils. I have to say essential oils are lovely, but I am infatuated with all of my carrier oils and butters. These fatty plant products can be so healing on their own, with or without essential oils.

I have two unrefined hemp seed oils in my fridge right now. Yep, it's best to refrigerate this oil because it does not have a long shelf life and doesn't like heat. It is cold pressed from the hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa). It has an amazingly deep green color and a nutty, green aroma (because it's unrefined). I turn to this oil for inflamed skin of any kind. Especially If I have a client with psoriasis or eczema. I will make sure this carrier is part of their skin routine.

There is little to no TCH (if there is any the parts per million is so minute it's like a drop of ink in a barrel of water) and no CBD.

It is amazing on it's own, but I am going to share with you my ultimate, favorite salve recipe. To boost the skin healing properties you can add in essential oils, if you wish.

1 oz jojoba .50 oz unrefined hemp seed oil .25 oz unrefined coconut oil .25 beeswax

Melt beeswax in double boiler, add in coconut oil, melt. Add jojoba, melt. take off heat to cool a bit. Add in hemp seed oil and stir until everything is melted. Add essential oils if you choose to do so. Pour into jars or tins. Cool, Label. Enjoy!


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