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January Focus - Tea Tree Week 3

I have been wanting to make my own essential oil wipes for quite a while, but it takes time to develop a recipe and make sure it feels good on the skin. In other words this recipe was born from a lot of trial and error. And now it's here for you to enjoy!

Castile soap tends to dry my skin out terribly, so I have to be very careful with it. There isn't much in this recipe, but I find it sufficient. This little jar is all I needed to assemble the base for the tea tree wipes.

Mix base ingredients together, then add whatever essential oils you wish!

Here is the recipe!

Cleansing Wipe recipe from Homestead Aromatics

(please note this is not a disinfecting wipe – this recipe would need to include isopropyl alcohol or grain alcohol to be called disinfecting)

10 dry paper towels folded how you wish placed in glass or ceramic bowl, high sided plate, or pan

5 Tbsp distilled water

3 drops castile soap (I used peppermint)

¼ tsp witch hazel

1 to 2 tsp aloe gelly

5 drops Tea Tree

5 drops Sweet Orange

2 drops Peppermint

Mix everything except essential oils in small jar or bowl. Drop essential oils into base and shake or stir well. Before blend ‘settles’ pour half mixture over top paper towels, flip and pour over the rest. Continue to flip, take up half and flip and move paper towels around until all are damp. Store in airtight container or zip lock bag. Use within a couple weeks.

Tips: I’ve been storing these in a baggie and keeping them in my car to wipe my hands after being in a store or after eating. (let’s not go into the chocolate I had to wipe off my side panel! Ha!) I think these wipes would be great for messy toddlers and teens. If you want to use on baby I would put only 1 drop castile soap, lower drops of EO, and take out peppermint.

My set up before blending.

These wipes can be drying for some, so make sure you can follow with lotion if needed. Please note these are not for your face, but are best for hands.



Homestead Aromatics

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