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June Focus - Peppermint Hydrosol

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Oh, I will have to say I've looked forward to every month so far, but this month is probably going to be a favorite! Any culinary mint is a winner in my book! There are so many to choose from. Spearmint, Bee Balm, Wild Mint, and Peppermint are some that are around my house or area. Also in the same family is Catnip, which I just learned. I have that in a pot for my cat to rub himself with and nibble on, much to his delight!

We'll bring our focus to peppermint this month, but not the essential oil (look at April's blog for info on the EO). I'm going to give you recipes and tips on how to use the minty aromatic waters (hydrosol) that is a byproduct of making peppermint essential oil.

For more information on hydrosols and the many ways I use them please read my blog post here that I wrote last summer. It has suggestions on which ones to use for general wellness, plus information on using them with your little ones.

Aromatics hydrosols ready to be enjoyed!

If you've taken a class with me you know I am not a supporter of ingesting essential oils unless there is a true need, the delivery system is safe, and you're under the guidance of an Aromatherapist that has extensive training. To me they are not supplements. They are extremely concentrated and can create more issues for you than help you when used internally.

Cue the hydosols!

Hydrosols are so very gentle and refreshing - for skin, in a hair rinse, and even in drinks. They can be used in lemonades, mint and cucumber drinks, and (my personal fave) in mojitos. I will be including recipes and tips on using Peppermint hydrosol for your skin, for muscle pain, or for summer drinks during the month of June.

The aroma for this Peppermint hydrosol is minty (yay!), fresh, bright, and green that softens and mellows soon after the spritz. In drinks drop in a 1 tsp-1 Tbsp, depending on the size of glass or pitcher for a nice minty zing. I use it in almost anything I would add springs of fresh peppermint.

Here's a refreshing hydrosol tip: Keep Peppermint hydrosol in the fridge. When you are feeling hot from the summer sun (or have a hot flash) spritz the hydrosol onto your face and body for a quick, minty cool down!



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