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March Focus - Lime

I don't know one person that doesn't like citrus essential oils! I have a few different lime essential oils in my office right now; distilled lime, cold pressed lime, and kaffir lime.

Lime citrus aurantifolia- cold pressed from rind, phototoxic

Distilled Lime citrus aurantifolia - rind is steam distilled, not phototoxic

Kaffir Lime citrus hystrix - rind is steam distilled, not phototoxic

I treasure each one. They all are so bright, sparkling fresh, and make me want to fix a margarita with fresh lime juice squeezed over it!

Image from Alexus fotos on Pixabay

I just got back from our trip to the Florida Keys, so this is where my mind went. Such a lovely trip with some amazing food and drinks. We also used Key Lime juice at a Mojito Class (fun!). And ate delicious Key Lime Pie, yum! But, I have digressed...

Lime is from shrubs and trees with gorgeous green fruit in sub tropical areas such as Florida, Mexico, India, West Indies, Africa, Iraq, and Asia. Summer is lime season, but in some areas the trees will fruit all year. (Hard to imagine for those of us in the Midwest) Look for new, fresh batches of lime essential oil when you are purchasing. Citruses should be enjoyed within about a year, a little longer if they are refrigerated. If you are new to using lime start with a smaller bottle, so you know you are going to use it within that time frame. I'm pretty certain you will!

Lime essential oil has a bright, citrus, fresh aroma!

Like all the citruses, lime is a powerful addition to any blend for uplifting mood, brighten your outlook, and seeing things a little on the sunny side. I enjoy it in ambient diffusion (on a tissue or clay) or to diffuse to 'clean the air' and elevate my mood. Lime essential oil can also be a wonderful addition, or star, in your digestive blends. It is helpful during cold and flu season to help with the fatigue and the run down feeling that sometimes accompanies being ill.

If you enjoyed Black Spruce from last month why not add lime to your cold blend or diffuser blend? You could even add in Tea Tree from January. So many creative options!

Here is Lime's info, followed by a recipe.

Lime (distilled)

Citrus aurantifolia

Native to

India, Indonesia

Plant Part

Essential oil is extracted from the fresh rind of fruit.


High in Limonene (upwards of 40%) and y-terpenine

Therapeutic Properties

· Antidepressant: can help to brighten depressed mood.

· May help calm fear and anxiety

· Carminative: settles digestion and may assist in preventing gas.

· Wonderful choice in a blend for digestive disorders. Reducing constipation, gas, abdominal spasms, and nausea.

· May use in blends for oily, infected skin.

· Antibacterial

· Antimicrobial

· Light analgesic

· May help with fatigue during a cold or flu


· Diffuse: Blends well with other citruses, pines, mints, and frankincense.

· Add to any blend for an antidepressant effect.


Clean, bright, fresh aroma.

Safety Data

Best to buy organic citruses. Citrus trees are heavily sprayed. May cause skin irritation, especially if the oil is older and oxidized. Distilled Lime is not phototoxic, however cold pressed Lime is phototoxic.

If you haven't experienced Lime essential oil now is the time. You won't regret it! There are some amazing options at Stillpoint Aromatics.

Wake Me Up Body Wash

2 oz unscented body wash (can be found in natural aisle at grocery)

10 drops Lime

7-8 drops Grapefruit (rose or white)

1-2 drops Peppermint (optional)

Shake. Label. Enjoy in the morning shower!

Note: I’m not as concerned about you using cold pressed lime or grapefruit, even though they are phototoxic. You are washing the majority off the skin. If you know you are going to have high exposure to sunlight or sun tanning bed then switch to distilled lime and change grapefruit to sweet orange.

I'm off to slice some limes in celebration of this month's essential oil. But, the question is, do I add those slices to my water or something stronger?

Enjoy everyone!


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