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Soothing Aloe for Summer Skin

Summer is upon us and so is burnt, bitten, and peeling skin!

Our poor skin takes a beating during the summer months, doesn’t it? My number one tip during summer is to always have aloe blends in the fridge ready to soothe overheated and/or inflamed skin.

Aloe gel is made from the inner part of the aloe leaf and contains active ingredients that lower pain and inflammation and support skin repair.

I like to use the aloe gel by Still Point Aromatics for its thin, fluid texture, or you can use aloe gelly found at your local big box store or right here. You don’t want blue or green aloe or aloe with alcohol. Let’s keep it more natural or organic if possible. We want to treat our largest organ to the best!

Aloe is so versatile and can stand alone in its ability to heal skin issues. But, let’s add an essential oil to boost its skin calming abilities. Lavender is well known for being anti-inflammatory and a skin healer.

Here is a simple aloe blend recipe you can make quickly to soothe burnt skin:

Super Simple Aloe Blend

1 oz PET plastic bottle (this plastic won’t leach) or glass bottle

1 oz aloe gel or gelly

10 drops lavender essential oil


Drop essential oils and aloe in your bottle, label it, place the cap on tightly, and shake! Place in fridge to keep cool. Use up by end of summer. You can also use it on bug bites, scratches, sunburn or even psoriasis. It’s also great for kids!

This blend is a definite go-to for the warmer months. Enjoy another aloe recipe in next week’s blog and stayed tune for more info on how to sign up for my Summer Fun Class (link class) to learn more! In this class, you will make a salt scrub, body oil, and another aloe blend to help you keep your skin calm and smooth!

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