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Tea Tree Focus - Week 4

As we wrap up our January focus on the wonderful Tea Tree essential oil I am a little sad to see this very important and versatile essential oil glide out of the spotlight. I hope you utilize it more and have enjoyed the recipes.

For this last week I am sharing a blend that I've been using for years to keep itchy, peeling, funky feet at bay. I will embarrassingly admit that I get sweaty feet. Summer and work outs are the worst and I need to keep my feet in tip top shape so I can work without itching, discomfort, or pain.

I hope this blend can help you keep your (or teen or loved one's) feet happy. Tea Tree and Lemongrass essential oil are anti-fungal and anti-microbial. The Patchouli and Palmarosa are healing for the skin and may help keep irritation from Lemongrass to a minimum. I apply it in the mornings with occasionally a night time application as well. (Apply, let dry, then put on socks.)

My go to blend to keep funky feet at bay.

Funky Feet Blend

2 oz Aloe gel

9 drops Tea Tree

6 drops Patchouli

5 drops Lemongrass

4 drops Palmarosa

Blend in bottle, label, and enjoy!

Next week we will dive into the exciting world of conifers - my favorite during the winter months! The focus will be on Black Spruce and its friends, Ponderosa Pine and Siberian Fir.


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