Candy Cane Whipped Body Butter

Candy Cane Whipped Body Butter



Tingly, refreshing, cooling, luscious...just some of the words that I think of when using this whipped body butter. This 4 oz jar of decadence is the same recipe as the Foot Fluff, but not whipped as long. It makes for a denser, but scoopable product. A little of this goes a long way!! Only available in a 4 oz PET plastic jar. This will last you all winter!


*safety* Preferred for those over 5 yrs due to menthol content in peppermint. Plus young ones may find the cool of the menthol to be alarming. Me, as an adult? Bring it! Especially for tired legs after a long day at work.


Ingredients: Organic refined shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba, peppermint, tea tree, lavender essential oils, love.


Consistency: Did I say luscious? Lol. Whipped but thick, melts easily. Soaks in well and leaves a slight sheen to skin. 


*No fillers, thickeners, parabens, alcohol, etc. This is a pure product made of expensive, gorgeous butters/oils. Because of this the product may change. If you are in a warm environment or a warm home (my heat is set at 68!) then the product may soften. If you are in a cold environment it may harden a little. To me, this is a welcome variable compared to having a lot of unnecessary added ingredients. Your skin will thank you!


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