Cocoanut Spice Body Balm

Cocoanut Spice Body Balm




A delightful mix of coconut oil and cocoa butter! If you enjoy the aroma of chocolate you will adore this balm. The aroma is subtle, but delish! Spicy essential oils are added to create a luxurious balm with a  little sass.


Soft, frangrant and warming, this balm may feel wonderful massaged into the belly when you are experiencing digestive upset, or massaged into aching joints or muscles. 


Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, organic jojoba, beeswax, sweet orange, cardamom, and ginger essential oils, love in 1 oz glass jar.


Consistency: Smooth, scoopable and easily melts into skin. Creates a light moisture barrier on the skin. Will feel like it's soaked up by skin within about 5 minutes. 


*No fillers, thickeners, parabens, alcohol, etc. This is a pure product made of expensive, gorgeous butters/oils. Because of this the product may change. If you are in a warm environment or a warm home then the product may soften. If you are in a cold environment it may harden a little. To me, this is a welcome variable compared to having a lot of unnecessary added ingredients. Your skin will thank you!


  • Return Policy and Safety

    If you feel product is not to your liking please contact Homestead Aromatics regarding refund. If broken through transit to you the product will be replaced.


    By purchasing this blend you take responsibility for how you use it. Homestead Aromatics and Deborah Zerkle are not responsible for adverse reactions.


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