Hop(s) to it!

Hop(s) to it!

This 1 oz tin/jar is specifically blended for pain.


I can't bring a beer spa (totally a thing) to you, but I can bring some hops into your wellness journey! Hops essential oil is expensive and I value it dearly. This may be the only time I offer this pain blend. When it's gone, it's gone. For me this works a little slower, gentler, and longer than the Mighty Massage Stick. It has definately helped me, but it's just totally different! I hope you enjoy it and you get some relief.


The aroma is green with a slight hops, peppery, and citrus aromas. You may feel warmth in the area of application from the black pepper. The shade is a light beautiful green from the hemp seed oil. 


Ingredients: Organic jojoba, organic/unrefined hemp seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, hops humulus lupulus, black pepper, balsam copiaba, juniper berry essential oils, love.


Use sparingly. Do a skin patch test before using on a bigger area.


To read more on hops essential oil please visit: www.aromatics.com







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    By purchasing this blend you take responsibility for how you use it. Homestead Aromatics and Deborah Zerkle are not responsible for adverse reactions.

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