Hope Stock Blend

Hope Stock Blend



Life is full of ups and downs, of emotions that may spill over and be difficult to process. Hope stock blend is made for those times. When you've experienced loss, a multitude of furstration, or fear of what the future holds. 


Place in a diffuser, a spray, or into lotion or oil to massage into the skin. Breathe deep and connect with the wisdom of your body. 


Frankincense - to settle the emotions

Ponderosa pine - to expand the breath when you're feeling restricted

Lavender Mailette - to quiet the mind

Neroli and sweet orange - to remind you there are better days ahead


Safe for kids - please dilute appropriately.


Stock blends are only essental oils, there is no carrier. 5 ml glass bottle. 

  • Refund and Safety Policy

    If you feel product is not to your liking please contact Homestead Aromatics regarding refund. If broken through transit to you the product will be replaced.


    By purchasing this blend you take responsibility for how you use it. Homestead Aromatics and Deborah Zerkle are not responsible for adverse reactions.