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Spice Essential Oil eClass

Fall is the time to spice things up! This eClass will cover four 'spicy' essential oils:



Black Pepper



You will receive the 14 page manual to print once you purchase class. (check your email/junk email!) You will learn about the essential oils and basic essential oil information. Also, you will be shown how to make a sugar scrub, exotic body oil, chest clearing oil for a cold, plus a digestion blend.


Class will officially begin November 18th with a daily email, including the blending video, for 5 consecutive days. 


Gather your supplies before class begins. No need to purchase everything right away because you can take this class at your own pace. However, it you want to make the blends with me, following along with the blending videos, then I'm super excited for you to experience it! But really, the pace is up to you. All the information will be hanging out in your email inbox for when you are ready to go.


Enjoy class!! I love these 4 essential oils and hope you do, too!


**disclaimer** By purchasing class you agree to take ownership of your body and how you use the blends. Skin patch testing is encouraged. Deborah Zerkle and Homestead Aromatics are not responsible for any reactions. 

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    No returns will be provided on this class. Once you purchase you have access to the information.